Hey, my name is Pierre Brisorgueil, and I’ve been at TheFork (a forkie 🙃) for a few weeks. The article’s purpose is to explain my first impression. I write it in transparency, with possible insights, experiences, and podcasts. I was a manager in a bank and then I started a side project.

Let’s take the story step by step. 🐾



The recruitment went well. I watched the market outside of Paris. My priority remained management, in addition to the location. Not finding my happiness and fan of development, I tried my luck on a job in Nantes.

Naturally, I was…

In the previous post, I told you how I came to start a project.

Comes story : Decision

We stopped there, without addressing the project choice and Comes.io reason. Today we are going to talk about this decision making process. By explaining my way, I hope to help some.

One tricky part of leaping seems to be the right idea. Many people will stop, fearing failure. But how could you know without trying? Stop asking questions, take action! I like this point of view, but upstream thinking is necessary. Commitment is the key to success. I’ve been working on Comes.io…

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Hey, in a previous article, we have seen how to set up an excellent home office place, arrangement, comfort… In this one, we will see how to manage time.

Home office: desk setup !

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This is a tutorial of our Node / Vue full-stack running on a Kubernetes cluster with Rancher. As an extension of the previous article where we wanted to manage scalability with Docker Swarm and CapRover, here we are going to test something more advanced with Kubernetes & Rancher, but easily with RKE.

Of course, you can, according to your needs, use our stacks simply behind a reverse proxy, traeffik, or a simple pm2 cluster. But the objective of weareopensource remains to facilitate the gap of an idea when it goes…

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As promised, in a series of articles entitled “story”, I will attempt to tell the entrepreneurial story of the project: Comes.io.

It was difficult to know where to start. A project doesn’t happen overnight. However, there is a key moment when you get started. In my case, I took that leap the day I switched 100% on a project. I will try to explain how I came to this decision.

Since I was 14, I have been passionate about IT. I started a community around the iPhone and its hacks. Subsequently…

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It’s the Beta time! But what is the beta? 🙃. I promise you, this is probably our last article starting like this. After an Alpha version, then a Beta, it’s the launch.

Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet, just before Gamma. We also use this term to denote an unfinished version of an application. The Beta version allows you to test an unfinished project on end-users selected. We, therefore, leave the dimension of tests only by developers.

We are going to Beta ! 🍾🍾🍾

We have coded the…

Snippet: Swift UILabel, letter by letter animation

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Here is a code snippet to animate a UILabel display as if you were typing text on the keyboard, letter by letter. It is a swift extension to be used by simply call as a function.

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Not long ago, overnight I lost access to my Rancher admin interface, my SSL certificate has become invalid.

What? why? We had done an article on the implementation of let’s encrypt and his auto-renew :

Rancher 2: Let’s Encrypt with Ingress-Nginx & Cert-manager

That’s right, and this article is still valid. Unfortunately what I had not thought of is that : a rancher installation with let’s encrypt does not configure the automatic renewal of our load balancer administration interface 😶.

If this happen, you will then have to switch on…

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I recently updated the rancher catalog WAOS to upgrade MongoDB 4.2 to 4.4. I was surprised to find that rancher 2.4.3 did not handle helm type catalog upgrades properly. So I upgraded rancher 2.4.3 to 2.4.5, here are the steps performed.

# upgrade
helm repo update
helm fetch rancher-latest/rancher
helm get values rancher -n cattle-system
helm upgrade rancher rancher-latest/rancher \
--namespace cattle-system \
--set hostname=MYHOSTNAME

This was added to the rancher snippets. Be careful the latest version is not the stable production.

After a catalog refresh from rancher interface, you…

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Hey, Github as released a feature that allows users to create a profile Readme. This readme allows you to introduce yourself to Github, not essential but interesting to highlight the tech aspect of your profile, unlike Linkedin.

Here is mine :

## 👋  Hi there 

Starting with a double degree, Business-Engineer, to become DataViz Manager for Big Data at .....

<details><summary>More informations ...</summary>

### :pencil2: Projects

#### [WeAreOpenSource](https://weareopensource.me)

WAOS"s goal is to simplify the **start** of new **tech projects** / **startups**. As we know It must be **fast**, **efficient**…

pierre brisorgueil

Business-Engineer then DataViz Manager for Big Data and self-entrepreneur. Today I'm currently working on an entrepreneurship project about data and automation.

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